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We take a unique and very personal approach with our clients! Our program is built on a foundation of communication. A high level of communication allows us to really get to know you and understand your goals. When you start with Tactic, we will collect all the necessary information to build your custom nutrition and lifestyle plan. From there we help you learn how to apply that information and start building the habits you need to have success. From meal planning, to logging, to timing, we answer any and all questions you may have.

You will get 3 check-ins per week where we will have already looked at and assessed your food logs (in MyFitnessPal, Fat Secret, or other). We will provide feedback and ask about your training, recovery, sleep and life! We use that information to decide when an adjustment to caloric intake or macros needs to happen.

Our program works because of the relationships we build with our clients. That is what makes the experience you will have with Tactic Functional Nutrition unique.


Featured Client

I started working with Jerrod in October of 2017. Right off the bat, I could tell Jerrod was all in to the process, although he was unsure about what direction to go or how to get the results he wanted.

Jerrod was under-eating for his activity level and experiencing some of the negative performance and physical effects of that. We slowly introduced more calories and carbs to support his training and worked on some other lifestyle factors, most importantly sleep. Despite some trepidation about increasing calories, Jerrod trusted the process, was diligent with his diet, and experienced amazing results. He was open and honest in his communication which made my job a breeze! He was by no means perfect, but he learned to balance life with working towards his goals. Jerrod trains hard, so applying an appropriate diet and lifestyle plan was like throwing gasoline on a fire!

Featured Client

Allie was my first nutrition client! Allie has changed and progressed so much from when we started. She is truly one of my favorite clients. Our early conversations centered around how her goals in the gym didn’t necessarily align with her lifestyle. We made small steps towards improving food quality, dialing in macronutrient amounts, and getting a handle on mid week social drinking. Slowly but surely, we made big progress on the nutrition and lifestyle front.

I have watched Allie crush it in the gym and knock out milestone after milestone. She is one of those people that once she decides to do something, she does it. She has seen personal bests in weightlifting, conditioning, and gymnastics, not to mention the physical changes she has experienced. Seeing her video of her first bar muscle up is definitely a highlight of my coaching career. It’s a testament to how hard she works. On top of her work ethic, she has an amazing sense of humor and a solid head on her shoulders. She cuts herself some slack when she needs it, which is a vital part of this program. I can’t wait to see how she continues to progress!



Success breeds success

I have been working with Meredith for a while now and the coaching has been fantastic with weekly messages not just to see if I’m ticking the boxes and hitting daily macros but to actually see how my training has been or if I’m feeling well recovered between sessions or how has my sleeping pattern been, this type of weekly communication has been a big help in keeping myself on track and accountable, when your goal is performance-based all these extra areas need to be addressed and making sure you have the right amount of energy is crucial. And Meredith has definitely helped me find the right balance.

— Rob Schillaci

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