ellen di dia

B.S. Nutrition with concentration in Public Health
Bodybuilding and CrossFit athlete (for fun)

I have always enjoyed being competitive and growing up I channeled that towards sports. Once I started university, I stopped competing in sports and found myself on a quick downward spiral physically, which also impacted me mentally. Little did I know this would set me on my life path! After battling years of disordered eating consisting of severe underrating and extreme binge eating, I finally dove head first into all things fitness, health and nutrition! I knew in my heart that I could use my experiences to help others’ through, or with their own struggles or journeys. That’s what led me to attaining my B.S. in Nutrition with a concentration in Public Health.

Over the years spent furthering my education and working with individuals not only nutrition, but also training - I have truly developed a passion for seeing others flourish and overcome the struggles that come with this seemingly confusing area we call health and fitness. I’ve also studied and am very fascinated with mental health. I truly believe that working on mental, emotional and behavioral health, in conjunction with nutrition and fitness, is where the most growth and life-long results occur.

Today, I find joy in a mix of bodybuilding and CrossFit style training while eating foods I enjoy without fear, guilt or shame by applying all that I’ve learned and gone through. If I can, anyone can - including you!

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