Merissa Wise

6 Years’ Nutrition Coaching Experience
Working Against Gravity Certified Coach
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
8 Years’ CrossFit Coaching Experience
2 Years’ Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaching
Competitive CrossFit Athlete (2019, 2020 Sanctionals Team)
B.S. Human Wellness Management

Merissa has been coaching since 2015, starting as an intern strength coach at her alma mater, Rochester Institute of Technology. Throughout her academic career she kept her approach to health broad as she earned her B.S. in Human Wellness Management studying topics from consumer nutrition to treatment of athletic injuries to psychology. She didn’t know at the time that she was building a base of knowledge to coach in the future from a holistic lens.

Since then, she has accumulated a variety of nutrition and coaching credentials including WAG Certified Coach, CrossFit Level 2, and has worked with hundreds of people 1:1.

She pairs her knowledge of human performance and habit-based nutrition coaching to coach her clients to achieve their goals. While health can look a little different for each client, she encourages core tenants of health like eating whole foods 80% of the time, training strength lifts for longevity, spending time in the sun, and sleeping. She really enjoys setting her clients up for success in these areas with a holistic approach that works for their lifestyle and honors all of their values.

You can find Merissa online at @merissa.wise.

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