meghan barrett

Certified Holistic Health Coach
8 Years Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching Experience
CrossFit Coach for 10 years (CF-L2)
2 times CrossFit Regionals Team Athlete

I’ve been at many different health and fitness levels over the past decade. As a competitive CrossFit athlete; health, nutrition and fitness were my number one priority and my life. Now as a mom of 2 young boys; health is still extremely important, but there are other priorities battling for my time and attention as well.

As a parent I know that often your needs can come last. It feels like you have so much to do and so many people need you; that you get left behind. In order to fully take care of your family; you need to take care of yourself. If you aren’t feeling your best, you can’t give your best to the ones you love.

My own experiences as both an athlete and mom have shown me how important my health and nutrition are. Whether your goal is to be a high level athlete or be able to run around with your kids; you need to fuel your body properly.

Through coaching for over a decade, I’ve seen the impacts overall health and mindset can have not only on an individual, but all those that surround them. My passion is coaching others to feel their best and reach their full potential so they can spread that to others.

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