Sydney Peterson

Precision Nutrition Coaching Certified
Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer
Competitive Adaptive CrossFit Athlete

During my time working with Tactic as a client (coach: Lynsey Martin), I discovered my own passion for nutrition coaching. I went through a mentorship with Tactic, also led by Lynsey where I learned the ins and outs of coaching philosophy and the Tactic “method” of working with clients. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the coaching team here! I compete in the sport of CrossFit as an adaptive athlete with Cerebral Palsy. I love all aspects of the sport from the methodology to the community, especially as someone who missed out on team sports growing up due to physical limitations. My disability gives me a unique perspective as a nutrition coach because I have a lifetime of personal experience navigating and overcoming obstacles and succeeding in the face of adversity. I struggled with and overcame an eating disorder and I now apply the tools I learned in recovery to help others change their behaviors and improve their relationship with food in a way that aligns with their goals. I have a passion for helping people discover everything they are capable of no matter what obstacles and challenges stand in their way.

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