2024 Tactic Spring Meet Up - Calgary

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2024 Tactic Spring Meet Up - Calgary

2024 Tactic Spring Meet Up - Calgary

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Join us in Calgary AB, Canada May 24-26, 2024 for an exciting, fun filled in person weekend where we will laugh, sweat and have a great time. 

About this event

Meet the Tactic Team and connect with other Tactic community members in person! 

The Tactic Spring Meet Up is the perfect opportunity to join Alex and Meredith for the Calgary Marathon races and/or some functional fitness as well as other less strenuous and more social events. All are welcome to join us whether you're a current nutrition client, functional fitness member or a follower of our Instagram account. 

Event Details

The detailed schedule will be released in the coming months but you can expect:

Friday meet and greet at the Calgary Marathon Expo / Stampede Grounds.

Saturday morning shake out and bagels.

Saturday afternoon group workout and presentation.

Sunday race day, meet up, and cheering section.

Sunday night dinner and social.

Registration for the Meet Up does not include registration for the Calgary Marathon, Half Marathon, 60km, 10km, or 5km race. You will need to register for those at https://calgarymarathon.com/ if you are planning to participate. 


By registering, you are agreeing to future communication regarding this event through the email address provided during registration. We will be communicating event details and collecting additional information from registrants as needed.

Fees and Refunds

We are using registration fees to cover the cost of the events and swag for the weekend. We are doing our best to work with sponsors and our local community to keep the cost low whlie bringing you the best experience. Because we are using registration to help project the total number of participants and to secure bookings, we will be unable to provide a refund in the event that you cannot attend the weekend. Should the total registration fees exceed the amount required to cover our costs for the weekend, we will be donating the balance and additional proceeds to charity. By registering for this event, you are acknowledging this no-refund policy.

We look forward to running and hanging out with you!