How We Work

We’re not just about performance and body image. We exist to help people thrive, grow, and learn about what powers their unique body. We care. We build tools with people to help them confidently navigate the complexities of nutrition so they can feel their best every day, in all the activities they love to do.



tell us about yourself

Once you’ve signed up, you will receive an email containing a link to our intake form where you will tell us all about yourself, your training history, diet history, and your goals.

we’ll pair you with your coach

We will review your intake form and decide which of our coaches will be the best fit for your personality and goals.

get your personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan

Within 24-48 hours, your coach will email you your personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan along with instructions and strategies for getting started.



start tracking and implementing changes!

With the help of your coach, you will start tracking your macros and other important factors. Your coach will help keep you on track while educating you along the way!

3x weekly check-ins

Expect to hear from your coach a lot! Unlike other coaching companies, you will hear from us about three times per week. This program is build on a foundation of open and honest communication. When your coach reaches out, they will have already reviewed your food logs and will know what questions to ask. Expect your coach to ask about other factors in your life such as sleep, stress, mood, etc. These are important indicators of progress and allow us to get to know you!



gain knowledge while achieving your goals!

The core of our program is education. We want you to move forward with confidence understanding how to implement changes that will last for your whole life.