Look Your Best. Feel Your Best. Perform Your Best.


Sustainable Habits for Lifelong Change

Do you want to: 

Feel better?

Bust through training plateaus?

Implement better habits?

Feel satisfied when you look in the mirror?

Make changes but don’t know how?

Find long term success?

Gain confidence and control?

Stop feeling confused about nutrition?

We’ve got you covered! This is what we do at Tactic Functional Nutrition. We work closely with you to implement tactics you employ in your life to succeed. Inside the gym, or out of it, our team is dedicated to your success. We know what it means to work hard, and what it means to execute a plan. This is what we’re here to help you do.

A full nutritional spectrum

Tactic Method provides nutrition and lifestyle coaching. From the average exerciser to the higher-level athlete, we help our clients improve body composition, improve performance, and push to the next level while elevating energy levels and overall lifestyle outside of the gym.

We employ experience, expertise, and a variety of strategies to help our clients succeed. We know that each advantage makes a difference, and as a team, employing each tactic together ensures we make forward progress.


Programs for All


Complete nutrition and lifestyle coaching on a monthly plan, customized entirely for you, and based around your goals.


A one time nutrition and lifestyle plan. Subsequent consultations and personalized macro nutrient plan adjustments are $50.


Save 20% on a special, pre-paid six month plan which includes complete nutrition and lifestyle coaching for 180 days.

*all prices are listed in Canadian dollars

Success breeds success

I came to Meredith with a lot of insecurities about what I wanted in my nutrition. I had lost a significant amount of weight in the past but was unsure if I should try to keep losing, maintain or try to build muscle. Meredith helped me figure out what my goals were and then helped me realise what the right course was based on those goals.

After deciding on what to do. All I had to do was trust that Meredith knew what she was doing and everything fell into place. Not only was I doing better in the gym but I started seeing the body composition that I wanted in the beginning. I started sleeping better and felt like I was able to get a better grip on my everyday routine overall. I can honestly say that spending my time with Meredith was worth every penny.

— Jerrod Cate

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