How it Works

You’ve got goals, we’ve got you covered.

Step One – Commit to Making a Change

Sign up online or email us at

Step Two – Tell Us About Yourself

Once you’ve signed up, you will receive an email containing a link to our intake form where you will tell us all about yourself, your training history, diet history, and your goals.

Step Three – We’ll Pair You With Your Coach

We will review your intake form and decide which of our coaches will be the best fit for your personality and goals.

Step Four – Receive your Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan

Within 24-48 hours, your coach will email you your personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan along with instructions and strategies for getting started.

Step Five – Start Tracking and Implementing Changes!

With the help of your coach, you will start tracking your macros and other important factors. Your coach will help keep you on track while educating you along the way!

Step Six – 3x Weekly Check-Ins

Expect to hear from your coach a lot! Unlike other coaching companies, you will hear from us about three times per week. This program is build on a foundation of open and honest communication. When your coach reaches out, he or she will have already reviewed your food logs and will know what questions to ask. Expect your coach to ask about other factors in your life such as sleep, stress, mood, etc. These are important indicators of progress and allow us to get to know you!

Step Seven – Gain Knowledge While Achieving Your Goals!

The core of our program is education. We want you to move forward with confidence understanding how to implement changes that will last for your whole life.

Commonly Asked Questions

How and when do you check in?

We check in via text or email (your preference) three days during the week (most often Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).

I’ve never tracked macros before, can I do your program?

Absolutely! We have fun with people who have never tracked because there is so much to gain and learn! Usually the first few weeks of coaching are centered around building this habit and learning how to track.

Do you provide meal plans?

We do not (and cannot) provide meal plans. Plus it’s much more beneficial for our clients to learn how to plan their own meals, so we focus on assisting with that learning!

What if I don’t do CrossFit?

We help athletes of all kinds! Hockey players, triathletes, runners, weightlifters, rugby players, wrestlers, Orange Theory-ers, you name it!

What if I don’t workout at all?

While exercise is a big part of long term health, we work with plenty of people who do not exercise or exercise very recreationally. We will build your plan around your current activity level while encouraging you to incorporate a small amount of activity into your day. Nutrition is the foundation of health, so we always start there!

How often should I expect my macros to change?

This depends! The more specific your goals, the more often your macros will change. If you are a weight loss client, you can expect your macros to gradually decrease as you lose weight. If you are a performance client, you can expect us to try to increase your macros to drive performance. The reality is most people are in the middle and need minimal changes in macros once they get into a groove. When that happens (it’s awesome!) we start looking at other areas we can improve (sleep, stress, food quality, etc).

How do I track progress?

We recommend a combination of methods. While the scale is the most common tool used to track progress, it is an imperfect representation of the whole picture. There can be a great deal of body composition change with very little change on the scale, which is why we always recommend progress photos in addition to the scale. If you are able to get bloodwork done, that is also a wonderful way to track internal progress.

I don’t live in Canada or the US, can you still work with me?

Oui! Ja! Tak! Si! We work with clients from all over the globe! Disclaimer, we only speak english…

How will I be billed?

Monthly memberships renew automatically and are charged in full on the first of each month. 6 month memberships are paid up front and do not auto renew.

I have celiac and can’t eat a lot of foods, can I still get coaching? 

Yes! We work with people who have dietary restrictions. While we do not provide meal plans, we help you incorporate the foods that you CAN eat into a well balanced diet.

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