Small Group Coaching JPCF

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Small Group Coaching JPCF

Small Group Coaching JPCF

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Join our Small Group Coaching program for 4 months of personalized support and guidance. Prior to our first meeting, you'll complete an intake form to help us create the perfect plan for you. We'll also create a dedicated communication channel on SLACK for easy access to your coaches. Plus, receive a personalized plan and structured eating guidance.
Duration : 4 months 
Communication Platform: SLACK app 

Cost :            1st Month - $115 USD 
                      2nd, 3rd, 4th Month - $75 USD 
                      Total cost for 4 months - $340 USD 

Prior to First Meeting: 
7-10 days before the first meeting clients will be asked to complete an intake form. They will receive the form via email.  This will allow us to get to know the clients better and create the proper plan needed for each client. Then, the group Channel on the SLACK app will be created, this is where Meg and myself will introduce ourselves as the coaches for the group. 

Deliverables to Clients: 
1. Plan with Specified Macros if client is interested in tracking 
2. Structured eating approach plan if client is not interested in tracking 
3. Access to the SLACK app where clients will have access to ask questions in an open group forum. 
4. Bi-weekly calls (60 min)- this will be an open discussion, bringing up topics related to weekly questions and/or answering questions from the Slack Channel. 
5. An outlined Schedule of meeting times, dates, purpose of group communication channel, and expectations in using the channel- respect for members etc.