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1 on 1 Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

The Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching program is customized to fit your lifestyle, goals, and history. Our monthly program includes:

  • A personalized and easy to follow caloric and macronutrient nutrition plan
  • A dedicated coach to follow daily progress. The coach will check-in / follow up at minimum three times per week
  • Continual and unlimited adjustments
  • Suggestions for lifestyle improvement
  • Pre and post workout nutrition recommendations when applicable
  • Competition day nutrition plans when applicable

This program provides guidance for implementation of the plan and valuable accountability once the plan is implemented.

Memberships are billed on a monthly basis. While we do not require a specific commitment, we suggest you commit to the program for at least three months as new habits generally take 8-12 weeks to implement and to see benefits from the results.

Nutritional and Lifestyle Plan

Includes Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan only (no coaching). This plan is developed based on answers to a thorough questionnaire and is recommended for people who have tracked in the recent past or who are currently tracking. Determining an appropriate one-time macro plan requires an understanding of current intake and habits.

Clinics & Seminars

We will periodically host clinics and seminars related to nutrition and lifestyle, as well as training, coaching, and movement. Please contact us for more information about schedule and booking.

Recommended Products

Programs for All


Complete nutrition and lifestyle coaching on a monthly plan, customized entirely for you, and based around your goals.


A one time nutrition and lifestyle plan. Subsequent consultations and personalized macro nutrient plan adjustments are $50.


Save 20% on a special, pre-paid six month plan which includes complete nutrition and lifestyle coaching for 180 days.

*all prices are listed in Canadian dollars

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