Jill Kerslake

CrossFit Athlete
Precision Nutrition Level 1
Working Against Gravity Coaching Certification
Registered Respiratory Therapist – Alberta Health

I was always active growing up. I did ballet, Martial arts and kickboxing before transitioning to a globo gym around age 18. I was very small and had no muscle and despite doing some weight training for a few years never got much stronger or bigger. So I started looking into my nutrition more and started tracking my food. I realized that I was under eating and was very low in protein, especially for my goals of muscle building and fitness. Despite eating healthy foods, loads of vegetables and never feeling hungry, I was eating only around 1500 calories per day. This is where my love for nutrition began. I started learning everything I could about macros and proper nutrition for performance. Once I started CrossFit, my focus became getting as fit and strong as possible. I became very passionate about properly fuelling your body to be able to train hard and become your best self. Through lots of hard work and proper nutrition I have gone from weak and skinny to lifting heavy weights and have competed at various local competitions as well as the CanWest games three times. I believe nutrition and fitness can have a transformative effect on people’s lives and I want to help others discover what they are capable of.

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