Lynsey Martin

Lynsey has always been involved in and passionate about sports and nutrition. While completing her studies in Biological Sciences with a minor in Molecular Biology and Genetics at the University of Guelph, she competed in track and cross country. 

After completing her studies and hanging up her track shoes, she began competing in bodybuilding and working as a personal trainer. Both these endeavours continued to feed her affinity for and interest in nutrition and its importance in achieving any goal. She took multiple continuing education courses and learned from some of the best in the world in bodybuilding during this time.

Feeling like something was missing for her in bodybuilding, Lynsey found CrossFit and started working towards being a competitive athlete in the sport. Through the ups and downs she’s experienced through CrossFit, she’s worked on and evolved her mindset which has also lent itself to relating to and helping her clients. 

She spent 2 years working specifically with adolescent athletes and continues to enjoy working with them as well as other competitive CrossFit athletes, clients with specific digestive or hormonal concerns, or absolutely anyone who’s interested in how to optimize their lives through good nutrition and lifestyle changes.

When she’s not working with clients or training, Lynsey continues to pursue further education in multiple areas of nutrition, doing courses in “Functional Nutrition”, sports nutrition, and gut biology most recently. 

You can find Lynsey on Instagram @lynsmartin.

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