Meg Perdew

Meg started her career in the nutrition and health space in 2019 as a research coordinator for the Digital Health Lab at the University of Victoria. After a year of working on the ‘behind the scenes’ portion of research projects dedicated to childhood obesity and educating families on healthy lifestyle behaviours, she learned that she was going to be best suited for helping individuals directly in a 1-on-1 environment with their nutrition and overall well-being.

In 2020 Meg began nutrition coaching full-time. As a coach, Meg provides a compassionate approach to nutrition that integrates the psychology of behaviour change, habit, and identity formation along with the current scientific evidence in the nutrition space. She enjoys working with a variety of clients including parents, mother’s postpartum, the recreational level athlete looking to win their next local race or competition, as well as elite level athletes participating in the sport of fitness. 

Meg has a B.S. in Nutrition Applied Sciences and a Master of Science in Kinesiology. She is committed to continuing to expand her knowledge in the field of nutrition across the lifespan, sports nutrition and is always looking to improve her approach to nutrition coaching. In her free time, she enjoys training and competing in the sport of functional fitness and going for long walks and hikes with her wife and dog. 

You can find Meg online at @mperdew16.

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