Meg Perdew

Competitive CrossFit Athlete
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
BSc. Degree in Nutrition Applied Sciences
MSc. Degree in Kinesiology
Published Public Health Researcher

Physical activity has always been apart of my life. I played various sports throughout my childhood and found my competitive edge as an Equestrian, competing at the university level. I grew up in a nutrition-centred household as my parents have their Masters and PhD in Food Science and Toxicology.

After a few years of long-distance running and road cycling, I was lucky enough to find the sport of CrossFit in 2016 as a “happy medium” combining my love for fitness with my desire to find a like-minded community. I enjoy the methodology and the physical and mental challenges that come with the sport of CrossFit and I am always seeking to improve my performance as an athlete.

I truly found my thirst for nutrition knowledge when I was faced with my own health problems as a teenager. This is when I began to dial in my own healthy habits to find a balance with physical activity and nutrition. This also led me to pursue undergrad degree in Nutrition Applied Sciences at the Pennsylvania State University. Then, I continued my education at the University of Victoria where I earned my Master’s degree in Kinesiology and studied childhood obesity management; during this time, I helped implement and evaluate a family healthy living program. Now, I am able to take behavioural theories, behaviour change techniques and use evidence-based research to guide my nutrition and lifestyle coaching approach.

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