Alex Parker

Alex has always had an interest in sport performance and human behaviour and a strong desire to learn about performance nutrition and health to apply in her own life, but over the years has shifted to helping others apply the basics of nutrition and habit building. Through working with clients, she has learned that health and nutrition are so much more than just macros and when to eat and what. It's more about habits, a person's relationship with food and their body, mindfulness, trust in the process, curiosity, confidence, and so much more. It's complex, and that's okay! 

The more there is to learn, the better. She always encourages clients to accept where they are at and find productive ways to move forward regardless of their goals. Perfection is never expected or even encouraged. Alex preaches progress over perfection. 

Alex is a lifelong athlete, having competed in a variety of high level sports including alpine ski racing, golf, soccer, CrossFit, and most recently running. She competed at The Crossfit Games and many times at Regionals. A few years ago she transitioned to road running - She posted her best marathon in May 2023 at the Calgary Marathon finishing in 3:01:31.

With her love for running, she started the Tactic Run Club in the Spring of 2023. A group of 32 people are working closely with her and supporting each other as they all train for a fall race of their choosing. It's the first iteration and there are many more to come! 

Alex finds it incredibly rewarding to help others experience the positive effects of improving their nutrition, building confidence, realizing internal and external strength, while also maintaining balance and flexibility in doing so. And that's putting it simply! 

Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Juris Doctor, and a variety of nutrition and coaching certifications. She finds health coaching and running a business to be more fulfilling than being a lawyer. Can't blame her! ;) 

What she loves most about Tactic is the supportive and inclusive community we have created.

You can find Alex online at @aaparker1.

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