tom hoffman

Strength and Conditioning Coach
Personal Trainer
Registered Nurse (BSN)

I am a registered nurse who has been coaching professionally since 2015. I started getting into exercise and fitness when I was a nursing student, and learned that most chronic disease and health related issues are due to poor lifestyle factors. At the time I wasn’t making choices that I was proud of and  I needed to make a change if I was going to give health advice to anyone. I started CrossFit in 2013 and that was when I really became passionate about health, and performance. I have completed my Catalyst Olympic Weightlifting L1, OPEX CCP L1, CrossFit L1, and currently co-own Gold Coast Strength and Conditioning.

I left the bedside in 2018 to focus on coaching as a full time job. My background in nursing allows me to serve a wide array of clients, ranging from those looking to improve their health or gain the competitive edge for sport. I currently work with clients both in-person as well as remote, varying from youth field athletes, competitive CrossFit athletes, to general fitness. 

I believe proper nutrition combined with an appropriate training plan is the best tool to improve your life, whether pushing the limit of performance or increasing health and life span.

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