angie craig

Angie’s interest in nutrition grew when she was a farmer from 2004-2015; raising food, she saw how the power of quality food created a positive impact in the lives of those with mental illness and cognitive disabilities. As she dove deeper into her own athletics and fitness coaching, she found a huge disconnect from what was being preached and what would be the most beneficial for her teammates, clients, and herself. She decided to return to school to obtain her Master’s in Clinical Nutrition to be a reliable source for the everyday person. 

Getting comfortable with the grey area is Angie’s number one goal for people when it comes to nutrition. She wants you to be able to enjoy foods because balance has been created; to be unfazed if the day doesn’t go as planned and be confident in the ability to “get back on the path" when it does. A motto her clients often hear her say is, “You can slip but you don’t have to slide” when it comes to life’s obstacles, especially food. 

Angie’s open, honest, and empathetic nature has been the primary reasons she’s been able to build solid and successful communities and teams at various organizations she’s run: from farming to logistics to gyms. She loves being able to contribute to the team at Tactic Nutrition who also foster the same values to be a successful company.

In her free time she enjoys exercising, spending time with family and friends, agriculture, and convincing her partner they need a small farm - so far he’s been convinced to get chickens! 

You can find Angie online @craig.angie.

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