tom hoffman

Tom is a registered nurse who embarked on his professional coaching journey in 2015. His introduction to exercise and fitness took place during his time as a nursing student, where he discovered that many chronic diseases and health-related issues stem from poor lifestyle choices. Recognizing the need for a personal transformation before offering health advice to others, Tom made a pivotal decision to change his own habits.

In 2013, Tom delved into the world of CrossFit, and it was at that moment that his passion for health and performance truly ignited. Over the years, he has diligently acquired certifications such as Catalyst Olympic Weightlifting L1, OPEX CCP L1, and CrossFit L1. Presently, Tom co-owns Gold Coast Strength and Conditioning, further solidifying his commitment to coaching.

In 2018, Tom made the conscious choice to shift his focus entirely to coaching, departing from the nursing bedside. With his nursing background, he possesses the ability to cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from individuals seeking health improvements to those striving for a competitive edge in sports. Tom currently serves clients both in-person and remotely, encompassing a broad spectrum that includes youth field athletes, competitive CrossFit athletes, and individuals pursuing general fitness goals.

Tom firmly believes that combining proper nutrition with a suitable training plan is the most effective means of enhancing one's life. Whether it involves pushing the boundaries of performance or fostering overall health and longevity, he considers this holistic approach to be an invaluable tool.

You can find Tom online at @tom_hoffman_.

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